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Ghozlan: Tahrir Square Clashes Unfortunate; Muslim Brotherhood in Courthouse Protests
Ghozlan: Tahrir Square Clashes Unfortunate; Muslim Brotherhood in Courthouse Protests
Muslim Brotherhood’s Mahmoud Ghozlan condemns dramatic Tahrir Square Friday events and calls for unity against the renewed threat of old regime stalwarts endeavoring to derail the revolution and undermine the gains it has so far made.
Saturday, October 13,2012 08:23

 Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau, denounced the events witnessed in Cairo’s flashpoint Tahrir Square, Friday, describing them as unfortunate, and emphasizing that they serve resurgence of the former regime.

In a press statement, Ghozlan stressed that protests were scheduled for Friday against farcical acquittal of all 24 former regime senior officials and loyalists accused of involvement in crimes against the revolution.

However, he said, certain parties resorted to provocation and violence, pouring insults and abuse, and throwing bricks and stones.

Ghozlan said that, taking to Tahrir Square, the Muslim Brotherhood shared the same reason and objective for which other political forces and movements headed there.

He further called on all parties to exercise restraint, use reason and put national interest above all else, stressing the need for each party to respect the others.

The Muslim Brotherhood leader urged all members of the group to go join demonstrations outside the Supreme Court to denounce the verdicts that exonerated the overthrown regime officials suspected of masterminding the killing of unarmed revolutionaries. These protests were to last until the end of the day.
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