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Egypt ‘Journalists for Reform’ Holds National Salvation Front Responsible for Abu-Deif Murder
Egypt ‘Journalists for Reform’ Holds National Salvation Front Responsible for Abu-Deif Murder
Al-Husseini Abu-Deif was shot dead by anti-Morsi paid thugs as he stood among pro-Morsi demonstrators doing his duties as a journalist. His death is blamed on the so-called National Salvation Front that aided and abetted violence outside Itehadia Presidential Palace.
Wednesday, December 12,2012 23:59

Egyptian 'Journalists for Reform' (JFR) movement expressed deep grief and sorrow over the death of their colleague Al-Husseini Abu-Deif, a press community martyr who passed away after succumbing to wounds he received in the unfortunate recent events outside the Presidential Palace. The JFR demanded just retribution for the blood of their colleague.

The JFR called on their union’s board members and chairman to bear their responsibility to exact retribution from the killers of Mohamed Mahmoud and Al-Husseini Abu-Deif, who seem to be the same hired hands in both cases.

The JFR also demanded that the Public Prosecution Service and the Ministry of Interior must expose the criminals who assassinated Abu-Deif and ten Muslim Brotherhood youths outside the Presidential Palace, and bring them to justice without delay.

Further, the JFR affirmed that the deceased was one of the activists who had honored the journalists' union in many events and activities in the past.

Finally, the JFR held the National Salvation Front responsible for the political crisis in the Egyptian arena today, especially the murder of unarmed citizens, from the press community and the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters, after the National Salvation Front got into a dubious alliance with the defunct National Party’s former officials.

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