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FJP Press Release No. (12) – Run-Off Voting
FJP Press Release No. (12) – Run-Off Voting
Tomorrow, Monday 5/Dec/2011 runoff voting for the first phase of parliamentary elections 2011 begins
Monday, December 5,2011 02:01

 Egyptian Legislative Elections, 2011 

FJP Press Release No. (12) – Run-Off Voting 

Cairo: 4/Dec/2011 – 17:00 (15:00GMT) 



Tomorrow, Monday 5/Dec/2011 runoff voting for the first phase of parliamentary elections 2011 begins. This round gets underway in the shadow of certain challenges where some people are betting that the unprecedented record turnout last Monday and Tuesday, with the participation of more than 62% of eligible population, will not be repeated now. We would like to make things clear: 


·                     Our confidence in the Egyptian people, who excelled in giving striking examples in positive and effective political participation, compels us to ask them for serious, meaningful participation in the Monday run-off round, and solid determination to cast their votes, to further prove they are capable of making their future with their own hands. 

·                     With our sincere appreciation and respect for all competitors in this election, parties or independent – representing all political and intellectual currents, we must stress that we did not get into any co-ordination schemes, alliances or concessions to any of the candidates. Our candidates, with their election symbols and all, are still standing in the run-off for all seats, in fair competition where the voter has the first and last word. 

·                     The FJP, once again, calls on all media, especially private satellite channels, to show commitment to objectivity and impartiality in the coverage of this round and future rounds, and not to hunt for news to spark fires in the Egyptian street, especially those owned by certain businessmen who shared the interests of the defunct former regime and still walk its path, seeking the West’s help against the Egyptian people. 

·                     The FJP warns those who use its name and without official approval by the party and its secretariats, put up posters, distribute publications or flyers, announce unconfirmed data or reports, and give election gifts or bribes, all of which would distort the image of the party, we warn all those that the FJP will take legal action against them, We have already taken measures to monitor the situation and report those who do so to the competent authorities, and to take forceful legal action against them to ensure the protection of the FJP’s reputation and name, and to preserve the respect of the public for the party. 

·                     We call on all candidates competing in parliamentary elections to commit to the spirit of fair competition and not to resort to perverse plots against the party, especially since we have documents to prove that some have already resorted to such heinous actions in order to tarnish and distort the image of the party in the street.


The Freedom and Justice party is engaged in this run-off round with 47 candidates, in most districts of the Republic, namely: 


1 - Cairo: (15 candidates): 


Constituency                                             Professionals                                                           Workers 


First (the Coast) Fahmy Abdo                     Kamal Mehdi     

Second (Al-Qubba and Al-Zaytoun)            Amr Zaki                                                           Yasser   Abdullah 

Third (Nasr City)                                          Mohamed Yousry (Alliance)                              Essam Mokhtar 

Fourth (Heliopolis)                                       Khalid Hassan 

Fifth (Qasr Al-Neil)                                      Amr Khadr (Alliance)                                          Mustafa Farghali 

Sixth (Al-Jamaleya)                                     Khalid Mohamed                                                 Nasser Othman 

Seventh (Misr Alqadima and Khalipha)       Khaled Hanafi                                                 Yousry Bayoumi 

Ninth (Matareya and Ain Shams)                Sayed Jadallah                                                  Ashraf Al-Saad 

2 - Alexandria (8 candidates): 


Constituency                                               Professionals                                                                Workers 

First (Montaza)                                            Hosni Dowidar (Alliance)                                Mustafa Mohamed Mustafa 

Second (Al-Raml)                                        Mahmoud al-Khodeiri (Alliance)                       Mohammadi Syed Ahmed 

Third (Karmouz)                                          Mahmoud Attia                                                       Saber Abu Fotouh 

Fourth (Mina al-Basal)                                 Dr. Hamdi Hassan                                          Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud 



3 - Kafr Al-Sheikh (6 candidates): 


Constituency                                              Professionals                                                                 Workers 

First (Kafr El-Sheikh)                                   Mohamed Shaker Sennar                               Taha Mansour Abdel-Fattah 

Third (Desouk)                                             Mohamed Al-Halisi                                                     Mohamed Idris 

Fourth (Burolus)                                           Mohamed Aamir                                                        Ashraf Al-Saeed 


4 - Damietta (3 candidates): 


Constituency                                             Professionals                                                                  Workers 

First (Damietta)                                           Ali Al-Daey                                                         Mohamed Ahmed Abu Mussa 

Second (Kafr Saad)                                    Mohamed Al-Filahji 


5 - Fayoum (6 candidates): 


Constituency                                              Professionals                                                       Workers and Farmers 

First (Bandar Fayoum)                                 Hamdi Taha                                                                  Adel Ismail 

Second (Fayoum)                                        Osama Yahya (Alliance)                                       Sayed Gabr (Alliance) 

Third (Snuras)                                              Jamal Mohamed Hassan                                  Fawzi Ali Abdul Aziz Yamani 


6 - Assiut (7 candidates): 


Constituency                                             Professionals                                                                   Workers 

First (Assiut)                                                Samir Khashaba

Second (Dayrout)                                        Mohamed Salama Bakr                            Mohamed Madar Moussa Mohamed Mousa 

Third (Al-Fateh)                                           Abdul Aziz Khalaf Mohammed Ali                             Abdullah Sadiq Nasr 

Fourth (Abu Tiej)                                         Hassan Ali Abdul-Aal Aamir                          Abdul Aziz Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour 


7 - Luxor (one candidate): 


Constituency                                              Professionals                                                                   Workers 

Luxor:                                                           Dr. Abdul Mawjood Rajeh 


8 - Red Sea (one candidate): 


Constituency                                              Professionals                                                                    Workers 

Hurghada                                                     Mohamed Mahmoud Youssef Ahmed


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