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Muslim Brotherhood to Launch Civilian Political Party
Muslim Brotherhood to Launch Civilian Political Party
Dr. Mohammed Saad al-Katatni the deputy of founders of the political party “Freedom and Justice” Muslim Brotherhood is to Launch Civilian Political Party. Cairo, Egypt.
Sunday, November 6,2011 02:39

 Muslim Brotherhood group chose Dr. Mohammed Saad al-Katatni to be the deputy of founders of the political party “Freedom and Justice” they began to form. It is affirmed al-Katatni will be the party’s official head upon its launch in the coming few days.

As the group witnesses the sweeping changes in Egypt, it acquires its first legal recognition after the 1952 Revolution and is now entitled to run candidates for parliamentary elections of the People’s Assembly and Shura Council as well as the presidential race. However, al-Katatni says “the group decided neither to run a nominee for the presidential elections nor to rally for the majority of seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections.” He further added that “The political party will not have a presidential candidate either, and will endorse all the international treaties concluded under the former regime, particularly the Camp David Peace Accords on the condition that Israel does not breach any of its terms or clauses.”

Commenting on the Muslim Brotherhood group’s decision to form a political party, al-Katatni ascribed it to the resurgence of political freedom following the 25th January Revolution after decades of stagnation: “Among the constitutional laws to be amended is that concerned with formation of political parties. Once the amendments have been passed, we will immediately begin to form the Freedom and Justice Party, outline its platform that will be liable to revision and collect signatures of interested members to be.” He explained.

al-Katatni said that the party’s foundational principles will stem from Islamic Sharia, and it will be a party that calls for a modern civilian state which upholds the mechanisms of democracy, where there is sovereignty of the law and the people are the source of authorities; they elect their representatives in parliament and their president and have the power to question him and depose him, and where there is pluralism and an alternation of power:

“All these are established principles; we do not call for a theological state but for a civilian one and we have the right to opt for the reference point that suits us. The civilian state accommodates diverse reference backgrounds such as the communist and the liberal. When we come to form a political party we see that Islam as a reference does not discriminate against people on the basis of faith but grants everyone the freedom to practice their religious rituals.”

al-Katatni affirmed and added that “the position of Mohammed Badie as general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood does not entitle him to any organizational sovereignty over the political party. Terms of joining the party will make it eligible for all regardless of gender or religion on the condition that they are convinced with its programs and respect its principles.”
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