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Freedom and Justice Party Rejects Gaza Blockade; Demands Protection for Muslim, Christian Holy Sites in Jerusalem
Freedom and Justice Party Rejects Gaza Blockade; Demands Protection for Muslim, Christian Holy Sites in Jerusalem
FJP denounces Egypt’s part in the siege of Gaza; and condemns Zionist attempts to strip Jerusalem of its Islamic identity and to completely Judaize the Holy City by deporting Arab and Muslim residents and revoking their ID cards, demolishing their houses and confiscating their lands.
Tuesday, February 21,2012 13:13

The Freedom and Justice Party denounced continued injustice, siege and atrocities committed against the people of the Gaza Strip, despite the ousting of the oppressive previous regime, including the unjust blockade which tells the world that Egypt's foreign policies have not changed.

The FJP urged competent authorities for immediate action to end the blockade and to provide the requirements for the return of electricity to the people of Gaza.

Further, the FJP expressed concern about international silence towards the continued Zionist attacks and attempts to deface Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the expansion of projects aimed at doubling settlements in the Holy City of Jerusalem with the purpose of Judaizing the city and obliterating its Arab and Islamic identity.

The FJP also condemned the racist decision of the Israeli Knesset to conduct a plebiscite before any withdrawal from Jerusalem, as well as the systematic violations of rights of Jerusalem Arabs, by demolishing their houses, deporting them and seizing their lands.

Furthermore, the FJP demanded that the international community, in particular the UNESCO, to take urgent action to stop these attacks and violations, and to put an end to the Judaization of Jerusalem.

The party also urged Arab and Muslim governments to work in earnest for the protection of Muslim and Christian holy places in the occupied territories.

It also called for the Arab peoples to support Al-Aqsa Mosque in all available ways, in defense of the first Qiblah and the third most important of Islam’s Holy Mosques.

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