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Ghozlan: Right Persons for Presidency
Ghozlan: Right Persons for Presidency
The Brotherhood’s Dr. Ghozlan has his mind set on a number of persons he believes are right for Egypt’s top job. Can he persuade them to run for the presidency?
Thursday, March 8,2012 14:15

 Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood – in response to an earlier comment by the Salafist spokesman Abdel Moneim Shahat in which he spoke of consensus between the Salafists and the Brotherhood about Counselor Hossam Ghariani or Counselor Tariq Al-Bashri for potential president – said: "We have set certain standards and criteria; we sought out those who fulfill these criteria. We came up with a distinguished group of personalities. We are trying to convince them to run for president".

Asked whether Ghariani or Al-Bashri is on the Brotherhood’s short-list of favorite presidential hopefuls, Dr. Ghozlan said – in a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper: "It is too early for us to identify or announce details of these persons".

Dr. Ghozlan was also asked whether the names put up by Shahat are valid suggestions, and said: "Maybe this is their inclination (in the Salafist movement), that if either of them (Ghariani or Al-Bashri) agreed to run for the top post, they would suggest him to us for discussion".

Dr. Ghozlan added, "We do have a short-list of potential right persons for the top job". But asked yet again whether he could name names, reveal features or details, he said that "It is not beneficial for anyone to announce their names (for now)".
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