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Gazzar: Youth Top FJP Lists for Municipal Elections
Gazzar: Youth Top FJP Lists for Municipal Elections
MP Gazzar refutes claims of FJP marginalizing youths, and reveals that the party is engaging its youths in upcoming local council elections.
Sunday, March 11,2012 13:44

 Dr. Helmi Gazzar, MP for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and member of the party’s National Committee, stressed that talk about the FJP failing to nominate young people on its legislative elections lists is totally unfounded, since all FJP lists include candidates under thirty.

Moreover, Dr. Gazzar pointed out that the FJP did place at the top of its candidate lists veteran figures and personalities with deep political and parliamentary work experience, in light of the sensitivity of the critical phase Egypt is going through, which requires extensive expertise and considerable capabilities to launch Egypt out of the current transitional phase and onto the wide avenues of progress and real renaissance.

Further, Dr. Gazzar stressed that the party is preparing its youth for the upcoming local elections, in order to build a broad service base to support the parliament in rebuilding Egypt. He also pointed that all the youth who ran the legislative elections and were unsuccessful will be at the top of FJP candidate lists in forthcoming local council elections, noting that local councils are the cornerstones for the construction of political leaders capable of skillfully shouldering the burdens of public, community work.
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