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Freedom and Justice Party Statement on the International Women’s Day
Freedom and Justice Party Statement on the International Women’s Day
Dr. Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice party, vows support for women’s rights, equality and social justice, and hopes for their positive participation in urgent rejuvenation of modern Egypt.
Sunday, March 11,2012 15:00

 On the occasion of the International Women's Day, Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) re-affirms its commitment to working towards advancing women's rights in Egypt and in the region. Undeniably, Egyptian women were at the forefront of the Egyptian revolution that overthrew the pervious corrupt regime. For decades, the Mubarak regime marginalized many segments of Egyptian society, including women, who evidently suffered high levels of illiteracy and poverty. By contrast, equality, fairness and social justice are some of the core values on which the FJP was founded. It, therefore, is no coincidence that the FJP seeks to empower all segments of society, including women, so they may fully regain their rights and freedoms.

The FJP expects Egyptian women to participate strongly in the efforts of reconstruction and development of the new Egyptian state that is based on freedom, democracy, justice, rule of law and good governance. This, certainly, is consistent with the historical role of Arab and Muslim women in Egypt and the region. Hence, the FJP promotes women's engagement in society and in political, economic and cultural pursuits, based on proper interpretation and understanding of Islam.

Finally, the FJP celebrates this day by renewing its commitment to equality and justice to women, particularly at this time when Egypt needs the efforts and creativity of every Egyptian citizen.
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