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Dr. Badie: Brotherhood Committees to Include Copts, Discuss Building Egypt’s Future Together
Dr. Badie: Brotherhood Committees to Include Copts, Discuss Building Egypt’s Future Together
Dr. Mohamed Badie announces new Brotherhood committees that will comprise leaders from the group as well as Coptic leaders, for scientific discussions, coordinating services and consolidating efforts of Muslim and Christian, who have much in common.
Thursday, March 15,2012 17:45

During a visit to the Evangelical Church, Dr. Mohamed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), hailed Coptic thinker Dr. Rafiq Habib’s steadfast support for the MB in hard times, and also Dr. Rami Lakah’s contribution in a recent visit to Pope Shenouda III.

Dr. Badie said, "We must now join hands. Then, no force will be able to tear us apart”, adding: "the Egyptian people have just rid their homeland of the tyrant who sought to spark strife and sedition between Muslims and Christians. We must now focus all together on rebuilding the homeland".

The MB leader stressed that all Egypt’s citizens are joint owners of Egypt, their homeland. We are all equal.

And we must let shared values prevail among us, especially ethics, justice and freedom, as these are the basic principles of divine law. The people must truly regain their liberty, so they appreciate its true worth, and put it to the service of society and the rejuvenation of the homeland.

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