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Dr. Helmi Gazzar: Democracy Will Triumph, Culminating in Writing Constitution
Dr. Helmi Gazzar: Democracy Will Triumph, Culminating in Writing Constitution
No parliamentary majority, political party or stakeholder has the power to tamper with the constitution; yet there are ‘hidden hands’ creating crises and strife, by exaggerating differences.
Sunday, March 25,2012 05:41
by Hussien Mahmoud

 Dr. Helmi Gazzar, MP for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and member of the party’s National Committee, said that the Constitution is the document regulating the relationship between state authorities and also between the ruler and the ruled, making clear the rights of citizens. The Constitution, by its essential nature, must include some basic articles, which establish public and private freedoms. Such articles are agreed upon, whoever the participants in drafting the Constitution are.

Dr. Gazzar added that, "The battle regarding these articles is contrived, imaginary, unjustified; it makes no sense, so long as these articles are phrased properly to prevent loop-holes and misinterpretation of their main intended meaning.

"To move on to another important section of the Constitution, namely the article dealing with the Form of the State and functions of the executive branch and its top officials, namely the President and the Prime Minister, as long as democracy is the umbrella under which people choose between several choices and alternatives, there is no point in fighting. The battle is won in advance, by democracy and the people, irrespective of the form that will be chosen", said Dr. Gazzar.

Further, Dr. Gazzar added, "If we moved to yet another part of the Constitution, concerning the position of the military, all the constitutions of the world certainly seek strength and effectiveness for the military establishment. In Egypt, all parties agree that the special status of the military establishment requires only providing it with the means to bolster its strength and effectiveness, but definitely not to set it up as a state within the state or an over-riding authority in control of other state authorities.

“The battle over this issue, therefore, is contrived and imaginary par excellence… most futile", he added.

The esteemed MP stressed that, with the situation as described for the most important sections and articles of the Constitution, no parliamentary majority or political party can tamper with these issues that have long since been established in constitutions.

Lastly, Dr. Gazzar said, "All Egyptians should trust that no one – no matter how powerful – will be able to circumvent these approved and accepted limits", emphasizing that the battle over the formation of the constitutional committee (the Constituent Assembly) is fictitious and fabricated.
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