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Heshmat: Azhar and Democratic Alliance Documents Basis for Broad Consensus on Constitution
Heshmat: Azhar and Democratic Alliance Documents Basis for Broad Consensus on Constitution
As Egypt’s evidently popular majority makes way for various minority parties and other forces, allowing them more-than-fair shares in the country’s constitution-writing assembly, certain stakeholders seem to be intent on destroying the revolution’s gains.
Saturday, March 31,2012 02:29

Dr. Gamal Heshmat, Deputy of the People's Assembly Committee on Foreign Relations and member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) National Committee said that the political parties’ acceptance of the Azhar and Democratic Alliance documents as the basis for the Constituent Assembly represents the minimum consensus expected for the broad consensus hoped for the country’s new Constitution.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Heshmat said: "The doors of dispute should be closed, or the whole process will be nothing but a waste of time. Egypt needs us to work together, because as a nation, we are going through historically tough times".

Further, he added: "As for those who refused the consensus documents, history will surely record how they have contributed to confusion and chaos in this homeland, stridently clamoring and questioning every national reconstruction step taken, undermining and disrupting the democratic transformation process in post-revolution Egypt".

Earlier, on Thursday, at a meeting between the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) with heads of Egypt’s political parties, attendants confirmed what had already been agreed by political and popular parties, forces and stakeholders regarding the general principles for drafting the constitution, based on Azhar Document and Democratic Alliance Code of Honor as a reference for the constitution’s articles.

This should lay the foundations for a national, constitutional, democratic, modern state, based on citizenship and the rule of law. Moreover, it should safeguard the freedom of thought and freedom of belief, criminalize discrimination between Egyptians on the basis of religion, race or sex, ensure the freedom of religious practice, and support national unity.

Attendees disagreed on the final statement, as it was approved and accepted by the parties: Freedom and Justice, Nour, Wafd, Wassat, Freedom, Ghadd Al-Thawra, Al-Geel, Asala, Modern Egypt, Reform and Development, Egypt Arab Socialist, Egyptian Arab Union, and Hadara.

The meeting’s final statement was also accepted and approved by independent MPs Mustafa Bakri and Marian Malak, while the parties that did not accept it were: Free Egyptians, Tajammu’a, Adl, Karama, and Democratic Peace. Their objection, however, was based on their decision to wait for a judgment in a legal challenge regarding the election of the Constituent Assembly entrusted with writing the new constitution, a case which will be considered on 10 April 2012.



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