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Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Statement – Sunday 8 April 2012
Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Statement – Sunday 8 April 2012
In Egypt’s increasingly tumultuous political scene, the Brotherhood and its political wing have kept the main goal of completing the democratic process in sharp focus; and now they nominate Dr. Morsi as their second candidate for the country’s highest office.
Sunday, April 8,2012 06:23

 The Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) are determined to protect the blessed revolution and rejuvenate our homeland. We have therefore offered our nation a comprehensive project for total development and national revival.

In order to achieve this real renaissance and to protect this national project and the great Egyptian revolution from imminent dangers, the Brotherhood and the FJP nominated Khairat Al-Shater to run for the presidency, having completely ascertained his eligibility and that arguments regarding this matter were totally unfounded. In fact, this matter has been thoroughly checked and studied by a legal committee comprising legal experts of the highest calibers both from within the group and the party and from outside.

However, the Egyptian political scene has recently witnessed many rapid developments that point to attempts being made to fabricate barriers and hurdles to prevent some presidential candidates from completing the march of national duty, as a prelude to brutal abortion of the revolution and reproducing the former regime, with the same old symbols, figures and structures, which cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

Since we are determined for the revolution to succeed and achieve all its objectives, in collaboration with the Egyptian people, we emphasize the importance of not allowing any contrived hindrances to get in the way of Egypt’s march of democratic transformation. We, the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP have, therefore, decided to nominate Dr. Mohamed Morsi, FJP Chairman as a second candidate for the presidency, as a necessary precaution to ensure the continuation of the march of the desired peaceful transition in this homeland.

The Freedom and Justice Party – The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo - 8 April 2012.
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