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Al-Shater Urges Egypt’s Stakeholders to Discuss Solution for Constituent Assembly Deadlock
Al-Shater Urges Egypt’s Stakeholders to Discuss Solution for Constituent Assembly Deadlock
Al-Shater: I call upon all political actors to start national dialogue, in order to end the impasse with regard to the committee entrusted with drawing up Egypt’s new national charter, after today’s court ruling.
Tuesday, April 10,2012 15:08

Khairat Al-Shater, the Freedom and Justice Party and Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for Egypt's presidency, expressed his respect for the rule of the Egyptian judiciary to stop the formation of the Constituent Assembly tasked with writing the Constitution.

Further, Al-Shater called on all the national forces and political actors to sit together so as to reach the best solution to solve this crisis. He said, "Egypt needs everyone; needs to write a constitution that will help establish a modern democracy and pave the way for the desired renaissance".

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