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Heshmat: The Egyptian People Will Protect their Revolution from Mubarak's Remnants
Heshmat: The Egyptian People Will Protect their Revolution from Mubarak's Remnants
Egyptian politicians and revolutionaries representing more than 40 different parties, groups and political and social movements vow not to allow a Mubarak regime rebound, nor rigging of the presidential elections.
Friday, April 13,2012 17:53

Dr. Mohamed Gamal Heshmat, Deputy of the People's Assembly Committee on Foreign Relations, said that the April 13, 2012 million-man march and demonstration in Tahrir Square is a tremendous return of the people to protect the revolution and take a clear stance on the Mubarak regime rebound through nomination of holdovers Omar Suleiman, Ahmed Shafiq and Amr Moussa.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Heshmat affirmed that the Egyptian people will not allow a remake of the former regime, will not allow rigging of the forthcoming presidential elections, and will prevent the success of plotters and schemers.

Further, Dr. Heshmat pointed out that the Parliament of the Revolution has passed important amendments to prevent fraud; meanwhile he expressed hope that the potential role of civil society would be sufficiently effective in monitoring all election procedures.

He stressed that the Egyptian people have the awareness and intelligence to prevent the implementation of the planned hijacking of the revolution by those who spread corruption, chaos and destruction throughout the country, damaged the Palestinian cause, and were heavily and actively involved in the torture by proxy of Egyptians as well as others.

In conclusion, Dr. Heshmat sent a clear message to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, saying: "People talk about your support for Omar Suleiman, and the possibility of election fraud in his favor. We say that we will not allow rigging of the elections. Mobilizing the Egyptian people is a guarantee for the protection of the revolution that God has protected since the first day of its launch".

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