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Brotherhood’s Tosson Welcomes Decision Allowing Egypt's Presidential Elections to Be Held on Schedule
Brotherhood’s Tosson Welcomes Decision Allowing Egypt's Presidential Elections to Be Held on Schedule
Much to the relief of all parties concerned, Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court accepts presidential committee’s appeal against earlier decision to halt the country’s first post-revolution elections.
Sunday, May 13,2012 06:23
by Hussien Mahmoud

Mohamed Tosson, Muslim Brotherhood head lawyer and Chairman of the Legislative Committee at the Shura Council – the higher chamber of the Egyptian parliament, welcomed the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court to accept the appeal on the ruling to halt the presidential election.

Tosson affirmed that this means the continuation of the elections, which began yesterday with Egyptians abroad casting their votes in the first genuine presidential elections in Egypt ever.

The State Litigation Authority, as the agent for the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the Supreme Presidential Elections Committee (SPEC), explained in the appeal that Article 28 of the Constitutional Declaration stipulates that a high judicial committee called "Presidential Election Commission" is to take charge of the supervision of the presidential elections starting with the opening of the nomination window and until the announcement of election results.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Tosson said: "The ruling is in full compliance with established laws. It corrects the rulings issued earlier. I wholeheartedly welcome this." He added that the court also accepted SPEC’s decision for the presidential elections to refer the Disenfranchisement Law to the Supreme Constitutional Court.

The legal expert further explained that this means the candidate Ahmed Shafiq – regarded as a holdover from the former regime era – will remain in the race for the time being, pointing out that this will not hinder the election process at the moment.
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