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Major Victory for Muslim Brotherhood Academics List in Teachers Syndicate Elections
Major Victory for Muslim Brotherhood Academics List in Teachers Syndicate Elections
The Brotherhood’s Change and Reform list of academics – which includes Copts and women as well as non-Brotherhood professors with various other leanings and orientations – won a great majority in the Teachers Syndicate poll.
Friday, June 1,2012 19:43

The committee supervising the elections of the teachers' union in Egypt has announced the victory of Dr. Ahmed Halawani, Brotherhood leader and the Change and Reform list’s candidate for the position of teachers’ union chief.

The committee also announced victory for the Change and Reform list, which included many candidates from different leanings and currents for the Syndicate’s board of directors.

The list’s winning candidates included two Christians: Aziz Munir Aziz Awad and Makram Adly Abulyamin Matta. It also included 4 women: Fatima Yahya Mohamed Ahmed, Taghrid Mohamed Taha, Hind Ismail Imbabi and Jihad Nabil Mohamed.

The list of winners also included Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman, the Muslim Brotherhood’s official responsible for teachers’ affairs.

One member of the Brotherhood’s list of academics nominated in the elections, Ahmed Ghanim Mohamed Ibrahim, did not win his contested seat. In all, 39 of a total 40 members of the list won, in addition to the Chairman.

These great results are achieved despite the fierce and relentless smear campaign conducted by the media against the Muslim Brotherhood, broadcasting all kinds of rumors and lies in a desperate attempt to undermine the popularity of the Muslim Brotherhood.
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