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Egyptian TV to Air Live Mubarak Sentencing Hearing, Saturday, on Charges of Murder, Corruption
Egyptian TV to Air Live Mubarak Sentencing Hearing, Saturday, on Charges of Murder, Corruption
Ashri demands upholding rule of law against criminal Mubarak, his sons and his senior officials accused of killing peaceful demonstrators and squandering state resources, in addition to other corruption and bribery charges.
Saturday, June 2,2012 08:42

Tomorrow, Saturday – June 2, Egyptian television will broadcast live the sentencing hearing in the 9-month old trial of former President Hosni Mubarak, amid great anticipation from the Egyptian public.

For his part, Mukhtar Ashri, Chairman of Legal Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said: "I think that the Egyptian people deserve to see the curtain falls on the crimes committed by Mubarak and his cronies, Habib El-Adli, former interior minister and his men".

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Ashri expressed hope that the judge would pronounce a verdict that upholds the rule of law and heals the badly, deeply hurt hearts of revolutionary martyrs’ families and the injured as well as the masses of honorable Egyptian people.

On possibilities of the final ruling being postponed, Ashri said: "I think if the trial is political, the people will condemn these procedures, even if the court had the legal right to postpone pronouncing the verdict".

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