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Military Council’s Declaration of Constitutional Annex Would Violate People’s Will
Military Council’s Declaration of Constitutional Annex Would Violate People’s Will
While the Constitutional Declaration does not give Egypt’s Military Council (SCAF) or other authority the right or power to issue legislation after the election of parliament, the controversy has already ended with agreement over the makeup of the assembly that will write the new constitution.
Monday, June 11,2012 08:04

Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, the lawyer for the Muslim Brotherhood, affirmed that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) no longer has the legislative or legal authority to modify the existing Constitutional Declaration or issue a constitutional supplement, since legislative authority has moved to the Egyptian parliament, democratically elected by the Egyptian people, in free and fair elections praised by the whole world.

In a press statement, he added that any new legislation must pass through parliament, because SCAF’s legislative jurisdiction was only temporary, until elections of the People’s Assembly are completed. Therefore, the only way for issuing any new legislation, is through the People’s Assembly, not SCAF, since SCA.

Abdel-Maksoud pointed out the powers of the President and the country’s Parliament must be clearly defined in a proper Constitution, not any concocted temporary constitutional document.

He further pointed that SCAF is now part and parcel of the executive branch, with no legislative powers.

The Brotherhood’s lawyer said that the return of the Egyptian masses to Tahrir and other liberation squares has shocked the powers that had already started brainwashing public opinion to accept Ahmed Shafiq for President, thinking that the people no longer tolerate revolutionaries and that it was time use ‘whatever means as necessary’ to break up demonstrations and kill the revolution.

Abdel-Maksoud assured that great public awareness, determination for the success of the revolution, and solidarity across the political spectrum, during the current stage, is the only guarantee for the establishment of sound democratic life, ending military rule and transferring power to a civilian president elected by the people.

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