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Ghozlan: Tendentious Campaigns Aim to Discredit the Muslim Brotherhood
Ghozlan: Tendentious Campaigns Aim to Discredit the Muslim Brotherhood
Certain reactionary forces are intensifying their vilifying campaigns against the Muslim Brotherhood across Egypt – despairing at the media war they waged on the venerable organization, they now turned to physical attacks on people around the country, claiming they are Brotherhood members.
Friday, June 29,2012 07:50

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau, made the following statement:

The Muslim Brotherhood is the subject of a ‘practical’ and deliberate smear campaign, with certain individuals attacking women or girls or hairdressers (for women) claiming to be religious police ‘Preventing Vice’, announcing that they are from the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is innocent of these people and their approach of ‘preventing vice’. Indeed, it has been proven that they belong to certain ‘parties’ which seek to viciously vilify the Muslim Brotherhood and make them look hatefully overzealous.

The Brotherhood adopts the method of enjoining people to do good and to be good, with wisdom and gentle preaching and persuasion. It rejects violence and aggression, abuse and coercion.

Furthermore, ‘urging virtue and preventing vice’ physically is the right of government authorities alone, and certainly not the right of individuals. If individuals had this right, chaos would prevail across the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo - June 28, 2012
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