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Delegation of U.S. Companies and Businessmen Visits Luxor to Promote Tourism
Delegation of U.S. Companies and Businessmen Visits Luxor to Promote Tourism
With tourism surging in Egypt, in recent months, the country hopes to attract 25 million tourists a year, marketing its ancient civilization sites as well as several other attractions like golden sand beaches and health spa resorts.
Friday, July 6,2012 15:25

A delegation of U.S. businessmen and companies is on a special visit to the historical city of Luxor to explore investment opportunities and encourage American investors to work in Egypt.

Dr. Abdul Mawgoud Dardery, member of the FJP Foreign Relations Committee, stated that preparations are underway for a conference on international tourism for the countries of the Arab Spring, in the city of Luxor, in order to present the various kinds of tourism available in those countries to representatives of tourism companies from around the world that will participate in the conference.

Dr. Dardery further pointed that the conference will be like a tourism exhibition and a forum for countries of the Arab Spring on the historical land of Luxor.

"The aim of the tourism conference is to confirm that Egypt is ready to receive all guests, tourists from all countries of the world, and to refute rumors alleging that security is on the decline as a result of the activities of the January 25 revolution."

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