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International Forum for Islamist Parliamentarians Urges World on Israel Human Rights
International Forum for Islamist Parliamentarians Urges World on Israel Human Rights
IFIP leader exhorts world leaders to do all they can to curb Israeli violations of human rights against Palestinian parliamentarians it kidnaps from Palestinian territories at wildly increasing rates.
Saturday, July 21,2012 21:14

Hussein Ibrahim, Chairman of the International Forum of Islamist Parliamentarians (IFIP), denounced continued arbitrary arrests by Israeli security forces against members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, of whom dozens were kidnapped from within the Palestinian territories, and thrown into prisons and detention centers in Israel, before the eyes and ears of the whole world.

He pointed that such provocative practices are detrimental to international peace and security, especially as they have exceeded all limits and reached levels that no human can bear.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim congratulated Dr. Aziz Dweik on his release from an Israeli prison.

The IFIP Chairman urged Palestinian factions to work hard in order to achieve comprehensive and real reconciliation and reject strife, rising above differences and narrow interests, to preserve the constants of the Palestinian cause, and to support the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to freedom, dignity and an independent Palestinian state.

Ibrahim called upon international institutions, especially the United Nations and the Security Council, for immediate intervention with Israeli authorities to secure the release of all Palestinian MPs kidnapped by Israeli forces from within the Palestinian territories, to apply pressure on the Israeli government to respect international norms and conventions on human rights, and stop provocative actions that harm the interests of the peoples and communities of the Middle East.

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