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Gouda and Husseini: Competence, Efficiency New Government Criteria for Security, Justice, Stability
Gouda and Husseini: Competence, Efficiency New Government Criteria for Security, Justice, Stability
Freedom and Justice leaders believe a technocrat government is the best choice for Egypt at its current precarious phase, in order to steer the country forth to stability, security, prosperity and development.
Tuesday, July 24,2012 22:02

Saad Al-Husseini, member of the Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), affirmed that the new Prime Minister, Dr. Hesham Kandil is a highly-regarded national figure, "He is a well-recognized independent personality. We believe he is certainly honest and efficient".

Husseini affirmed that the FJP will certainly cooperate with Kandil, "for the formation of a strong homogeneous government to achieve for Egypt security, justice, democracy and real development.

Dr. Mohamed Gouda, an economist and member of the FJP’s Economic Committee, lauded statements by Hesham Kandil, the new Prime Minister of Egypt, in which he affirmed that appointments to key ministries will be made in consultation with the President, and that there is good coordination between the President and the Military Council (SCAF) with respect to the selection of the defense minister.

Dr. Gouda added that a technocrat government will be the best for Egypt, at this stage, "Competence and efficiency have to be the main criterion in the selection of Ministers. Meanwhile, everyone must stand by this new government so it can implement the President’s program during the coming period, solve the problems of water and services, improve the quality of bread in the country, and address the issues of traffic and security, along with other service issues of concern to Egyptian citizens".

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