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Badie to Sudanese Leader: People Are Source of Power
Badie to Sudanese Leader: People Are Source of Power
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Badie underscores need for Sudanese people to close ranks and unite to face current challenges.
Thursday, August 2,2012 10:31

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, received Wednesday Sadiq Al-Mahdi, leader of the Sudanese Umma Party and Sudan's former prime minister.

The Brotherhood leader affirmed the depth of historical relations between the peoples of Egypt and Sudan, which have been increasingly entrenched and profound throughout history.

Dr. Badie stressed the need for unity and cohesion among Arab and Muslim peoples, and for upholding the will of the people, because they are the source of power.

The Muslim Brotherhood leader further stressed the need for unity amongst the Sudanese people, so they can more effectively deal with the challenges they are facing at present.

For his part, Sadiq Al-Mahdi congratulated Dr. Badie for the success achieved in the Egyptian presidential elections and the unique democratic experience witnessed by Egypt today, namely the white revolution and the peaceful transition of power to elected civilians.

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