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Darrag: Dahshur Problem Not Sectarian Strife; Copts are Citizens in Their Homeland
Darrag: Dahshur Problem Not Sectarian Strife; Copts are Citizens in Their Homeland
Freedom and Justice leader says Dahshur incident is blown out of all proportions by media depicting it as a sectarian crisis, thus fueling an already inflamed issue.
Friday, August 3,2012 22:11

Dr. Amr Darrag, Secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Giza, affirmed that the media, in describing the Dahshur problem as a sectarian clash, has amplified and distorted the reality of the situation.

Darrag told Ikhwanweb that the problem started between a Muslim and a Copt, two sons of this nation, and a problem that could happen between any two people.

"Sadly, there are those who want to magnify the incident, and wish to turn it into sectarian strife."

Darrag further pointed that efforts of FJP lawmakers Mohamed Ibrahim and Ahmed Shabon are continuing, having started shortly after the incident itself, to contain the problem and calm people.

"All citizens are protected by law in Egypt and enjoy full citizenship rights – Copts and Muslims alike. They are all sons and daughters of this one nation. Besides the law, popular efforts, too, will put an end to this problem."

Meanwhile, Mohamed Ibrahim, FJP parliamentarian, revealed that the incident, described by Egyptian media as a sectarian issue, was not indeed sectarian to start with. He pointed that media hype was behind depicting the Dahshur incident as sectarian strife.

He pointed that what happened was a personal quarrel between a Muslim and a Christian, in which the Christian poured acid and gasoline over the Muslim citizen, who was transferred to a hospital, where he soon died of his injuries.

"This led to an escalation in the situation. The Muslim’s family, with some gathering citizens torched the house of the Christian citizen.

"Security and members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP moved immediately, and managed to stop the violence and contain people’s anger."


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