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Ghozlan: Morsi’s Decisions Sunday Fulfill Demands of Revolution and Popular Will
Ghozlan: Morsi’s Decisions Sunday Fulfill Demands of Revolution and Popular Will
Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Ghozlan hails Egyptian President Morsi’s orders to retire the country’s top military generals and revoke the military-decreed constitutional amendment that gave them wide powers.
Monday, August 13,2012 13:04

 Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Executive Bureau member of the Muslim Brotherhood, assured that President Mohamed Morsi’s decrees Sunday ordering the retirement of Field Marshal Tantawi and Major-General Annan as well as a number of senior military generals, are wise and bold decisions that fulfill his promise to citizens in Tahrir Square that he would exercise full powers as President of the Republic.

Moreover, Ghozlan affirmed that leaders of the Military Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) evidently tried to impede the President’s powers. He also affirmed that Morsi’s decrees were revolutionary decisions the Egyptian people awaited for a long time.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s official spokesman further affirmed that SCAF generals were not fit for political interaction and duties, and that their clinging to political power hurt the homeland.

Furthermore, Ghozlan called on the Egyptian people to close ranks and rally around the President at this critical phase of the country’s history.

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