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President Reiterates Rejection of Encroaching on Judicial Authority
President Reiterates Rejection of Encroaching on Judicial Authority
Egypt’s President Morsi assures heads of judicial bodies that he has no intention of interfering with their work, reiterating that he will protect the independence of the judiciary.
Monday, August 20,2012 07:10

 President Mohamed Morsi affirmed that the Presidency will endeavor to protect the independence of the judiciary, and that he refuses to interfere with judicial authority, stressing that the President, as head of the executive authority, cannot interfere in the judiciary.

He pointed that all rumors about a merger or diminution of judicial authority are not true, adding that his door is always open to communicate with any judicial body at any time.

This came during a meeting, Thursday, at the presidential headquarters in Heliopolis, between President Mohamed Morsi and the heads of the judiciary and the Supreme Judicial Council, in the presence of Mahmoud Makki, Egypt’s Vice-President.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yasser Ali, spokesman for the presidency, confirmed that Morsi’s meeting is the third since the President took office, and that it discussed the current Egyptian political scene.

He added that, "Morsi was keen to hear the views of the heads of the judicial bodies on the latest changes in the Egyptian arena".

With regard to the legislative power conferred on President Morsi by the new constitutional declaration, Yasser Ali said: "President Mohamed Morsi assures that this will be kept to a minimum, just for matters of urgency, because it is meant as an emergency measure that ends with the adoption of a new constitution and election of the new parliament".
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