The Founding Statement of the Freedom and Justice Party  

 In the spirit of the January 25 Revolution made by the great Egyptian people and guarded by the courageous Egyptian army; the revolution that opened the horizon for bright hope for this country to shift towards freedom, democracy, justice and full human rights, our “Freedom and Justice Party” – being inspired in its programs and mechanisms by the demands of this great revolution, while seeking the achievement of the sublime objectives of this revolution – states that it aims at building, first of all, the Egyptian patriotic and committed citizen; the one who sacrifices for the cause of this homeland and adheres to the principles, values ??and ethics of the divine revealed religions.
    We are working to rebuild state institutions on the basis of a strong and sound commitment to the will of the free Egyptian people, including the institution of the presidency, the government, parliament and local councils, and we work to establish institutions of civil society; trade unions, public groups, associations and human rights organizations to enhance the unity of the national fabric and induce a united coherent and solid fusion within the community. We aspire to get everyone in the nation working as part of a team, seeking to achieve the hopes and goals of Egypt in the battle of renaissance and construction.
    We also stress the need that the Egyptian people should be the ones who draft the Egyptian Constitution, in a way that reflects the identity and will of the nation, so as to provide - through this Constitution - freedom and dignity for the nation, affirming the sovereignty of the people and national unity. It should be a constitution that supports the equality of all people in all rights and duties, adhering to respect for pluralism and diversity, emphasizing the devolution of power and freedom of political parties, ensuring freedom of information and expression, freedom of belief and worship, the right to work, the right to ownership and property, and freedom to travel and movement. It should be a constitution that aims at equitable distribution of wealth and the achievement of social justice for all citizens by ensuring at least an adequate income for all people, and ensuring the integrity of elections, determining the powers and duties, the duration of the mandate of the presidency and how to hold the president and his ministers accountable. It should be a constitution that achieves and strengthens the independence of the judiciary and the consolidation of the principle of separation of powers.
    We also confirm our deep belief in the need to state in the Constitution that Islam is the official religion of the state, Arabic is the official state language and that the principles of Islamic Sharia are the main source of legislation, and thus, the application of Sharia in all walks of life; as it is the source of wisdom and divine mercy, and as a response to the demands of the majority of the Egyptian people who believe that the Sharia is the best method to ensure the reformation of the conditions of our society that will lead it to happiness and progress, as well as guaranteeing the rights of our fellow Christians and their freedom of belief and worship according to their laws and rules, in addition to safeguarding their litigation through Christian laws and rules in their private affairs.
   Our party asserts that Egypt is a civil state with an Islamic reference. Our party believes in the liberalization of the Egyptian national will, the political independence of the decision-making process and dealing with external international powers on the basis of mutual respect; and we state that such trends cannot be relinquished. We also emphasize our respect for all agreements, treaties and international conventions, which call for world peace that are based on justice and prohibit interference in the internal affairs of other states, as well as recognizing the rights of the people of all nations to self-determination and their independence in addition to preserving basic human rights. We are working to restore Egypt's leading role on the Arab, Islamic and African arenas, and we believe that the Egyptian people are part of the Arab nation, acting to achieve the comprehensive unity of this nation through peaceful progressive means by the free will of the Arab people.
    We believe that the protection of Egyptian national security is a necessity of life, which stipulates consolidating the unity of the national fabric, achieving justice among all citizens, achieving comprehensive development in various aspects of the Egyptian economy and enhancing urban development, political reform, the redistribution of population to low density areas; particularly the Sinai Peninsula, as well as acting for the reconstruction of Sinai and the investment of its resources, securing the sources of the Nile to ensure Egyptian rights in the river waters, the establishment of relations on the bases of complimentary transactions with the Nile Basin countries, initiating closer ties and removing all barriers between Egypt and the Sudan; as Sudan is the strategic depth to Egypt, and given the vast natural wealth of Sudan, on a path that will finally reach the full unity of the Nile Valley.
    Our party also believes in acting for the development of the basic strategic industries as a base for our military industries, and supporting the Egyptian army on both the human resources and the armament levels; to ensure a strong national army capable of providing deterrence, as well as protection and security for Egypt. We believe that education and scientific research are the tools of progress, development and promotion of the nation; therefore, the nation must put the issue of education and scientific research at the forefront of its national priorities because the nations that lag behind in education and scientific research tend to deteriorate and fall in great danger.
    We believe in the right of every citizen to decent health services through the support of public hospitals to provide excellent medical service. We emphasize that internal security is necessary for life itself, securing the activities of all kinds and the continuity of the community. Therefore, we emphasize that it is necessary to focus on the police force as a civilian body, as well as the rehabilitation of this device, the development of the curriculum of the police college and enhancing study by introducing and highlighting human rights and respect for the rule of law, in addition to raising the salaries of police personnel to ensure them a dignified life.
    We also believe that Al-Azhar should occupy its due position as a principal guide for the people of the Muslim world. Al-Azhar is to be the best ambassador, representing Egypt and aiming to strengthen relations with Muslim peoples and their governments so as to support positive cooperation on all levels. We also affirm supporting the spiritual authority of the Orthodox Church as it outreaches and communicates with Christian African countries; so as to achieve common interests with the peoples and governments of these nations.
      Purging Egypt of corruption and its effects is a must. It is elementary to rebuild this nation in preparation for its renaissance and to fulfill the heavy task lying ahead, acknowledging that there will be many risks and serious hazards that require the dedication of the hearts, the purification of the souls, unleashing the capacities of the minds, uniting people's efforts and calling all parties and national forces to work together. It is a task that calls for the people who would not hesitate to sacrifice and bear the burdens because conditions in the current circumstances do not call for the collection of personal benefits and gains, but rather sacrificing and giving for the sake of Egypt and its people. Therefore, our party calls for all political forces to agree on the basic principles as well as higher national interests. If some of them insisted on providing some points of disagreement and highlighting them over those with which we agree, this would be accepted as long as it is within the framework of honest and tolerant national and humanist affiliation while upholding the core principles, values ??and ethics of our homeland. We pray to Allah to help us and reconcile all the elements of the political spectrum towards the greater benefit of Egypt and the Egyptian people and achieving their goals and those of our glorious revolution.
Vision and Methodology of FJP Platform
When people start developing their programs for reform, they usually pay attention to the issues of physical structures, the explicit relationships and the organizational, administrative and legislative matters, which are truly essential, imperative and indispensable for reform and progress, yet, there are other fundamental issues that the Freedom and Justice Party believes that they are not less important than the previously mentioned ones; these include the intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional and faith related aspects, i.e. those that constitute the ultimate truth about the human being and the man's higher properties. Humans do not live by bread alone, but with the spiritual and material aspects, the human being becomes fulfilled and integrated.
Therefore, we believe that reform of the internal, spiritual and psychological aspects are as important as the reform of the apparent, physical and material ones. It is actually an eternal truth that the Holy Qur'an has stated, pointing that {Allah does not change the conditions of a people until they change themselves} [Surat al-Raad (Thunder): 11]
Therefore, the first component in the program of our party supports the purification of the soul, cleansing the hearts, promoting the sublime feelings and refining the attitudes through calling for the commitment to worshipping and adhering to good manners and sociability, as well as recalling Allah and the Last Day, so as to awaken the consciences and enhancing a consistent self-monitoring in every person, and thus enriching and fostering the values ??of virtue in the souls and siding away and abolishing the evil motives, as well as to create the sound climate that advocates righteousness, and provide a good example to follow and using the school, the home, the mosque and the church as well as the media to do so.
This approach is not only for Muslims, it is also adopted by other monotheistic religions, especially Christianity, which gives deep care for morality and good attitudes.
Yet for the few people who would not respond to this moral line of reform and who could not be addressed by this discourse, there would be another course of legislation and regulatory sanctions to discipline them. This goes along with the wise saying that states that "Allah disciplines those who require the legislation and regulatory sanctions of the ruling power as long as they are not drawn closer to better attitudes with the teachings of the Holy Quran".
This methodology does not care for the individual person only, but it also cares for the family as a smaller essential part of the community, which is a building block in the society and the greater national sphere. This Islamic methodology would then formulate the foundations and principles upon which the sound family stands safe, while dividing the duties and responsibilities equitably among its members in a way that is based on the values ??of love, loyalty, fidelity and constructiveness.
Our FJP also shares the opinion that life is a one unit that cannot be divided or segmented, as each aspect in it affects all other aspects and is influenced them, be that in the field of politics, economics, society, culture, information, education or else, as each of these would affect the others and get affected by them; and also it cannot be possible to direct any of these separately as if it is on an isolated island away from the others. The reason behind that is the fact that the various aspects of human life (politics, economics, society, culture, etc.) are all affected by – and even originated from – the vision, the principles and the reference that the person or the party that shall exercise the activity believes in.
Therefore, each party would have its own vision and reference; and having that is an absolute right to each and every party (based on the right of opinion and expression and the principle of freedom of belief), and thus, our Freedom and Justice Party is making its reference the one based on the Islamic law (Sharia), which is the reference shared and believed in by the majority of our Egyptian people.
The nature of Sharia emphasizes a number of principles, on top of which the cause of National Unity; as the Sharia recognizes the freedom of belief, freedom of worship and the right of non-Muslims in referring to their own religion in their private affairs. The Sharia equalizes all people in terms of rights and duties, and it consolidates the reality of the national unity of the Egyptian people in our society.
The second of these principles is respect for Human Rights, considering the human being as the most dignified creature on earth. The Holy Quran states that Allah Almighty has created all that is in the heavens and earth to serve the well-being of the human beings. And thus, the most important of all human rights is the right to life, the right to human dignity and the public freedoms for all.
The third of these principles is the adoption of the Shura (democracy) in and for all life affairs, especially in the political activity; and this entails the consequent right to choose the ruler and the representatives of the people, as well as the right to monitor the ruler and the representatives and holding them accountable, to ensure the devolution of power.
The fourth of these principles is to recognize and emphasize the civility of the state, and thus, there would not be a military state or a religious state (a theocracy) (please see the characteristics of the State in this program in a later chapter). 
In light of this vision, this party (the Freedom and Justice Party) is open to all Egyptian citizens of different creeds, races, ages, professions, classes and strata.
As we believe in the need to reform, enable and empower the individual internally, and hence the family, the community and the government, considering this approach as the most optimal, popular, comprehensive, gradual and peaceful means ever experienced to introduce reform, we recognize that the reasons for the suffering of our people and our nation from the tyranny, injustice and corruption (which has surpassed the imagination and led to defeating and humiliating the people as well as looting the wealth of the country and turning it into a dependent state serving the Western and Zionist polices) have included the death of conscience, corruption of morals and forgetting about the Last Day and the negligence of Allah's teachings and orders among the rulers of this country.
These elements of moral degradation have been among the most elementary reasons that triggered the revolution of the Egyptian people and the people in the region around us. All this confirms the correctness of our approach and the necessity of adopting, following and implementing it both physically and morally.
There is another very important issue regarding our vision and perspective towards politics. While many believe that politics is the art of lying, hypocrisy, deception and even some of them describe it as a process that should be dirty, at all those who are keen for having a clean reputation and integrity must distance themselves from it, our party believes that politics is the art of State administration and managing the people, so as to achieve security, justice, efficiency, strength, progress and serving all people.
And all this can be done only by linking politics with principles, ethics, sincerity, loyalty, honesty, benevolence, and the sound conscience, which inhibit the person from committing wrongful things, abusing the public money, accepting a bribe as a gift or commission, violating the human rights, rigging the elections, snatching power or giving privileges to relatives and friends in office.
The great goals we have can only be achieved through clean and honest means; and hence, we reject the argument that (the end justifies the means), and we reject the argument of "dirty politics". We engage in politics to make it clean and so as the political practice rises to the level of ethical and moral actions.
With these two wings; the physical and the moral, the individual and the society can aspire to the prospects of a bright future – Allah's willing.
Principles and Perspectives of FJP Platform 
1 - The principles of Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation, thus achieving justice in the enactment of laws in practice and during the implementation of verdicts; parallel to the recognition of the rights of the non-Muslims to refer to the rituals in the matter that concern them with regard to their religious specificity. 
2 - People are the source of power; the people have the inherent right to choose the ruler of the country and their parliamentary representatives, as well as the program that reflects their aspirations and demands.
3 - Shura is the way to achieve the interests of the country so as not to allow an individual or a group to be the sole power dealing with the public affairs that affected the interests of the people, and democracy is the appropriate mechanism to achieve this Shura. 
4 - Comprehensive reform is the Egyptian people's primary demand; and the people are the ones in charge with taking the initiative towards the reform that aims to accomplish their hopes for a dignified and free life, as well as comprehensive revival, freedom, justice, equality and Shura. 
5 - Political reform, constitutional and moral reform constitute the starting points for reforming all areas of life. 
6 - The citizen is the first objective for development; and this program aims to build the Egyptian human being who has the fundamentals and tools of progress, since this citizen is the cornerstone and the tool for change. Therefore, building the Egyptian human being paves the way for a comprehensive reform. When providing the appropriate social climate, the well-being of the human being is assured.
7 - Freedom, justice and equality are granted by Allah to man, thus, they are inherent rights for every citizen without discrimination on the bases of creed, sex or color, and taking into account that the freedom of the individual would not be prejudicial to the rights of others or the rights of the nation. Achieving justice and equality is the ultimate goal of a democratic political system that we demand. 
8 - Ensuring all the rights of the citizen and the private citizen's right to life, health, employment, education, housing and freedom of opinion and belief. 
Policies and Strategies of FJP Platform
1 - The ultimate objectives (Maqasid) of Sharia (i.e. the Islamic law), which aims to achieve the basic necessities, then the essential needs and then the accessory or more improved requirements, represent the overarching policy in setting the prioritization of objectives, policies and strategies. These objectives and purposes are the cornerstone for our ??civilization-based values, which the Muslim affiliate himself to it faith-wise and civilization-wise while the non-Muslim affiliates himself to it civilization-wise. The basic necessities set by the Islamic Sharia are preserving religion, preserving human soul, preserving off-spring, preserving mind and preserving wealth.
2 - The reference of the Sharia (Islamic law) is applied in the way that corresponds to the vision of the nation through the parliamentary majority in the legislature that is elected freely and fairly in a transparent manner.
3 – The Islamic Sharia has acknowledged the right of non-Muslims to resort to their own religion in the matters of belief, religion and the personal status and the issues concerning the family, as such provisions are different from the provisions of the Islamic law.
Yet, for the other matters of the worldly earthly life of all kinds, as well as the public order and issues of morality, they could be governed by the Islamic rule that decides that "they are obliged to the same duties as their fellow Muslims and they enjoy the same rights as their fellow Muslims as well". This rule represents the highest principles of justice, fairness and equality between all citizens without exception.
4 - Respecting constitutional legality, and working through the laws and the Constitution to introduce the change according to these texts, and respecting state institutions as well as respecting the overall norms and the international agreements that call for cooperation between the peoples and the well-being of all humans.
5 - Dialogue is the way to achieving national reconciliation and trust among the citizens, as well as achieving consensus or unanimity on the fundamental pillars of the constitutional legitimacy of the political system; such legitimacy should be held higher and above the aspects of political competition.
6 - Honesty and attentive care for the public interest and good use of public money should be a genuine character for all those who work in state institutions; and the merit for assuming the public posts should be competence and experience.
7 - The independence and balance of powers of the State and the integrity of its institutions with the institutions of civil society should represent the major policy adopted so as to achieve the stability of the State. 
Objectives of FJP Platform
1 – Ensuring political reform and constitutional and public freedoms, especially freedom of political parties and civil society institutions, as well as the adoption of the principle of devolution of power under the Constitution approved by the people freely and in full transparency.
2 - Promoting and deepening the true ethics, values ??and concepts of the principles of Sharia and those stated by all other divine religions to act as a comprehensive methodology for dealing with all life affairs for the individual and the society.
3 - Building state institutions and the rule of law, which is the title for a decent civilized human life.
4 - Enhancing the Egyptian economy to establish a balanced, sustainable and comprehensive economic development.
5 - Providing a decent life for all citizens and securing the basic needs and services to them (food - clothing - home health - education - transportation - security - ways of entertainment and recreation).
6 - Improving caring for education and scientific research as one of the most important means in the construction of the Egyptian citizen and enhancing the economy and development.
7 - Building a strong and effective civil society through the development of its components and maximizing their efficiency, be it the parties - unions - federations - associations - groups – and the public opinion, etc.).
8 - Paying close attention to the youth sector to work for solving their problems and providing them with the experience and the optimal employment of their energies and ensuring their involvement in the management of state affairs.
9 - Building the Egyptian citizens in an integrated manner culturally, spiritually, mentally and physically, including the preservation of their identity, sense of belonging and dignity, and developing their capacity to start initiatives, acting positively and engaging in the production process.
10 - Strengthening the national security to build and develop the overall strength of the State in the political, economic, military, social and cultural aspects so as to qualify our country to assume its rightful position and to perform its active roles at the regional and international levels, according to its cultural identity, and in response to the challenges posed by the international developments.
11 - Preserving and protecting the environment from all sources of pollution and resource depletion, and working to improve and ensure the sustainability, so as to preserve the rights of the future generations.
12 - Building a pattern of international relations that would achieve human communication among the people of the world, in a manner that is free from all forms of domination towards achieving the interaction and integration of cultures for the benefit of mankind.
13 - Restoring the leading role of Egypt in its regional and Arab, Islamic, African and global spheres