Q & A About Freedom and Justice Party

-Who are you?
We are the Freedom and Justice Party, a civil party with an Islamic frame of reference, founded by the Muslim Brotherhood for all Egyptians, of different creeds and races and social positions, without discrimination. The party undertakes its activities within the scope of constitutional legitimacy, and works for the rejuvenation and development of the nation, and seeks to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the Egyptian people, including the objectives of the January 2011 revolution
- Where were you, before the revolution?
As we have said: The party is the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), an organisation which has been consistently strong, offers social, educational and trade union services, participated in many of the previous parliamentary elections where its members gave great examples of how to truly serve the nation and the homeland selflessly, as confirmed by the former President of the People's Assembly. Despite massive restrictions, arrests and imprisonment of more than thirty thousand MB members, over the last thirty years during the rule of the former president, we marched on a peaceful constitutional path of change. We were never dragged into the cycle of violence. When the light of freedom and dignity dawned on Egypt, with God's grace, we supported this great nation in its blessed revolution, until together we overthrew the old regime. Today, we extend our hands to all citizens of this one homeland to unite, to join our efforts to serve this dear country.
- What do you mean by a civil party with an Islamic frame of reference?
This means that we as a party seek for Egypt to be a civil state based on Shura (consultation) and democracy, where the people are the source of power (legislative, judicial and executive), where the principles of Islamic Sharia are the frame of reference, and where the Egyptian citizen is the goal and patriotism is the spirit in which we work to achieve happiness morally and materially, as well as respect for citizens’ rights and preservation of their dignity within a comprehensive modern initiative for rejuvenation.
- Why did you choose Islamic reference?
Because it is the overarching framework for all human values ??such as freedom, justice, and respect for human rights, respect for human dignity, and respect for the rights of non-Muslims .... and much more.
- It reflects the identity of the nation and its glorious history.
- It has been the shared cultural reference for the people of this country, with all its components, for fourteen centuries
- It is uniquely integrated and comprehensive.
- Because it combines idealism and realism.
- What form of government will you choose?
Every country has its own set of circumstances and conditions in terms of culture, values, scholars, thinkers, political and social composition, and the extent of its economic and cultural progress. Likewise, every country has a form of government that is appropriate for its circumstances. Even amongst people who subscribe to the same doctrine, there are different suitable ‘models’. So, we find American capitalism, which is different from English or French capitalism... Accordingly, the FJP works for a distinct Egyptian Islamic model based on an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the true teachings of Islam and the culture, values ??and reality of this great people.
The party offers a package of economic and financial, monetary and trade (internal and external) policies, which aims for:
- Raising the level of income and preserving the dignity of the citizen.
- Protecting the citizen from economic inflation.
- Adoption of a system of social security and protection for the poor.
- Increasing the competitiveness of the national economy.
- Diversification of sources of income.
- Increasing employment opportunity and fighting unemployment.
- Increasing exports, especially technological products.
- Geographical distribution of projects.
- Fighting corruption and empowering monitoring institutions.
- Self-reliance in the provision of strategic commodities.
- What will your party give citizens at individual neighbourhood level?
The FJP’s secretariats in individual regions, districts and neighbourhoods organise many projects, activities and services that suit the needs of all segments of the Egyptian public, and which are needed by a lot of patriotic people of this country, whether they are members of the party or volunteers who love to participate with us in building this homeland.
These projects and activities include:
- Organization of political and developmental conferences
- Political awareness seminars
- Political and community cadre building programs and initiatives
- Cultural and literary competitions and evenings
- Refined art festivals
- Tours and resort excursions
- Charity projects for the poor in the neighbourhood (Charity Suitcase, Used Clothe, Eid Gifts)
- Seasonal Exhibitions (Schools Entry, Ramadan, Eid)
- "Together against the high cost of living" Project
- Literacy project
- Participation in Popular Committees
- "Most Beautiful Neighbourhood" clean-up and Beautification project
- Construction of an integrated comprehensive medical centre
- Women's clinics
- "Rehabilitation of young people for the labour market" project
- "Future Leaders" project
- Project "Build yourself right" .. Educational program for human development
- Youth activities (Sports League, Marathon, camps, expeditions and recreational trips"
- Information Bank Project "Our Expertise" … Jobs wanted and employers with vacancies
- Support and care for small economic projects
- Project "Learn a Trade"
- Journal of the neighbourhood project "People of ....."
- The neighbourhood website project
- "Happy House" project for parents
- Ideal Teacher project
- "I am a creative" project, for children
- Young Programmer Project
- "We are Grown-ups" Project for young people
- The Gifted and Talented care project